Wes (disenthrall) wrote,

Screaming Lambs

While driving home tonight, I started thinking and stuff. Problem is I can't recall anything I was thinking about. It pisses me off. I'll have this ingenious thought or poem or something all written in my mind and then I'll forget it. My mind is probably slowly erasing itself from some of the fucked up shit I'd do. I regret a lot of things. But back to what I was originally going to write about. While going around one corner I had a sort of vision or so. It was like one of those low budget black and white horror movies. It was neat and yet scary. I think someday I'm going to write a movie. I'd enjoy doing that. Besides, my mind is fucked up enough to make the story believable. I already have a story line for one movie. Using a budget of a couple millions of dollars, I plan to make a movie that last only 10 minutes. I would use the cheapest equipment around. All of the money would be spent on actors, commercials, and trailers. I'd claim that it is going to be the most adventurous action movie ever. The movie would start out showing a hero doing something heroish but then getting killed. Movie over. People bitch. I'd be happy. And if somebody came up to me and told me that they spent 10 dollars to see my crappy movie, I would be honest. I'd tell them that it only took 10 dollars to film. Maybe I'm mean. Or maybe I'm just cold hearted. But I enjoy putting people down. Especially people that aren't like me. Most people are like that, but I really really enjoy doing that. But back to my original train of thought. So after my vision of that corner I was going around. I started to like see stuff. It's like my eyes are purposely trying to fuck me up so I wreck. Talk about fucking paranoid. Worrying that my eyes are trying to kill me.
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