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God is a Rock

People are always using that damn, "Can God create a rock that even He can't lift?" What is that simple question going to do? Bring about the downfall of Christianity? People should think of fancy things and stuff. Not things about a rock. I mean why not ask questions like how can something that nobody can see, impregnate a woman? I know if my fiancee got pregnant by a "Holy" Ghost, I'd be raising hell. I'd be going to every hospital, college, and government agency getting that shit tested. And since God impregnated her shouldn't we be able to get the DNA from it? You bet your sweet ass that I'd be cloning a shitload of little God's then. I'd start my own little business. I'd be running ads in the paper and a whole bunch of other stuff. God for Sale. Get him while he's still powerful. Buy your own God and take him everywhere with you. If this doesn't make any sense then ignore it. But if it does then I should be a college professor.
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